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SEC Football/Basketball Combined 07/08 Rank

I made this as an overall ranking for the 2007/08 season of football and basketball in the SEC.  The rankings use regular season and post season info for each school's team.  The rankings are my opinion but follow record pretty closely.  Please post your's if you would like, feel free to point anything out you don't agree with, thanks for checking it out. 

One question I have for you guys, should I add any other sports?  Oh and please reply to this, I think this could get some pretty good discussion.



1. LSU
- 12-2(6-2), Won SEC West, Won SEC Championship, Won National Championship, Final Ranking(AP #1, Coaches #1)
2. Tennessee - 9-4(6-2), Won SEC East, Won Outback Bowl, Final Ranking(AP #12, Coaches #12)
3. Georgia - 11-2(6-2), Won Sugar Bowl, Final Ranking(AP #2, Coaches #3)
4. Auburn - 9-4(5-3), Won Chick-Fil-A Bowl, Final Ranking(AP #15, Coaches #14)
5. Florida - 9-4(5-3), Lost Capital One Bowl, Final Ranking(AP #13, Coaches #15)
6. Arkansas - 8-5(4-4), Lost Cotton Bowl, Final Ranking(Unranked)
7. Mississippi State - 8-5(4-4), Won Autozone Liberty Bowl, Final Ranking(Unranked)
8. Alabama - 7-6(4-4), Won Petrosun Independence Bowl, Final Ranking(Unranked)
9. Kentucky - 8-5(3-5), Won Gaylord Hotels Music City Bowl, Final Ranking(Unranked)
10. South Carolina - 6-6(3-5), No Bowl, Final Ranking(Unranked)
11. Vanderbilt - 5-7(2-6), No Bowl, Final Ranking(Unranked)
12. Mississippi - 3-9(0-8), No Bowl, Final Ranking(Unranked)


1. Tennessee - 29-4(14-2), Won SEC East, Won SEC Regular Season Championship, 2 seed, Lost in Sweet 16, Final Rank(AP/Coaches #7)
2. Mississippi State - 22-10(12-4), Won SEC West, 8 seed, Lost in 2nd Round, Final Ranking(Unranked)
3. Georgia - 17-16(4-12), Won SEC Tournament, 14 seed, Lost in First Round, Final Ranking(Unranked)
4. Kentucky - 18-12(12-4), 11 seed, Lost in First Round, Final Ranking(Unranked)
5. Vanderbilt - 26-7(10-6), 4 seed, Lost in First Round, Final Ranking(AP #25, Coaches #25)
6. Arkansas - 22-11(9-7), 9 seed, Lost in 2nd Round, Final Ranking(Unranked)
7. Florida - 21-11(8-8), 2 seed(NIT), Lost in Semifinals, Final Ranking(Unranked)
8. Mississippi - 21-10(7-9), 2 seed(NIT), Lost in Semifinals, Final Ranking(Unranked)
9. LSU - 13-18(6-10), Final Ranking(Unranked)
10. Alabama - 17-16(5-11), Final Ranking(Unranked)
11. South Carolina - 14-18(5-11), Final Ranking(Unranked)
12. Auburn - 14-16(4-12), Final Ranking(Unranked)


1. LSU
(Football #1, Basketball #9, Average #5) - National Championship reigns above all
2. Tennessee(Football #2, Basketball #1, Average #1.5) - 1st place finish in basketball and 2nd in football, they would be first place if not for LSU's national championship
3. Georgia(Football #3, Basketball #3, Average #3) - Football has a NC caliber team next year, after this great year.  Alot will not agree with my ranking of Georgia in basketball but they did win the SEC Tourney, their name will always be remembered for that
4. Mississippi State(Football #7, Basketball #2, Average #4.5) - Had a good year in both sports, surprise for football and great thing to grown on
5. Florida(Football #5, Basketball #7, Average #6) - Florida, boy are they stacked for some more Championships, next year in football and the coming years in basketball, in my opinion Florida is one of the best if not the best athletics programs right now
6. Arkansas(Football #6, Basketball #6, Average #6) - Basketball looked good, football shone bright at moments under D-MAC
7. Kentucky(Football #9, Basketball #4, Average #6.5) - Surprise year for Kentucky football under Woodson and a bowl win against FSU, bad start for Kentucky basketball but they did well in conference and still made tourney, Gillispie should have the Cats playing good.
8. Auburn(Football #4, Basketball #12, Average #8) - Good year in football, bad year in basketball
9. Vanderbilt(Football #11, Basketball #5, Average #8) - Once again another good year for Vandy basketball, a decent year for football, a Vandy bowl appearance could be imminent
10. Alabama(Football #10, Basketball #8, Average #9) - Good start for Saban but slow finish, I expect good things from Alabama football in the coming years, basketball saw a year plagued with injuries so they should rebound
11. Mississippi(Football #12, Basketball #8, Average #10) - Not a good year in football with 0 conference wins, the basketball team performed great and should have future success
12. South Carolina(Football #11, Basketball #10, Average #10.5) - Rough year for South Carolina, I expect success to come under Spurrier.  Hopefully Odom's replacement can help fire this basketball team up

Thanks for reading this guys, please reply and let the discussion begin....

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NCAA All-time Record for Three Pointers

There is an outside chance that Chris Lofton could break the alltime record for 3 pointers currently held by J.J. Redick.  The record is 457, Chris Lofton is 75 short with 382.  Chris probably could have been a lot closer if he would have been hitting the whole of the season but since the Kentucky game he is averaging 5 a game.  Lets take a look at the rest of the season and how many he would have to average per game.

Tennessee remaining guaranteed games (11 games)

February 5            Florida
February 9            at LSU
February 13          Arkansas
February 16          at Georgia
February 20          Auburn
February 23          at No. 1 Memphis
February 26          at No. 20 Vanderbilt
March 2                 Kentucky
March 5                 at No. 22 Florida
March 9                 South Carolina
March 13               SEC Tournament First Round/Second Round because #1 or #2 in East bye

I assume that Tennessee will win a few conference tourney games and will make it to at least the Sweet 16.  I will say Tennessee at the minimum makes it to Semifinals in the conference tourney and the Sweet 16 in the NCAA tourney.  That is 5/6 extra games in the postseason.  Which it is highly possible that Tennessee could do better in both or tourneys, or worse.  The point is Lofton has a decent shot at the record if he stays on the same pace.

Lofton would need to hit more than 5.5 threes a game average to break the record.  Good luck to Lofton, thanks for reading
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The Best Combined Football and Basketball Program

This is all courtesy of

First up we are going to start with the formula:

Share of National Title = 10 points
Runner-up = 7 points*
Top 4 ranking = 5 points
No. 5-8 = 3 points
No. 9-16 = 2 points
Bowl win, outside top 16 = 1 point
Bowl loss, outside top 16 = 0.5 points

National Title
= 10 points
Runner-up = 7 points
Final Four = 5 points
Elite Eight = 3 points
Sweet 16 = 2 points
Round of 32 = 1 points
First-round loss (since 1979) = 0.5 points
* - In the pre-BCS era, the No. 2 team in the AP poll was awarded the 7 points. However, during the BCS era, the BCS title game loser was awarded 7 points.

The Top 25 since 1998

1. Florida (27.5 football, 33 basketball, 60.5 total points)

The buzz: Florida is the only team that has won national titles in both football and basketball during the BCS era.

2. Ohio State (41 football, 15.5 basketball, 56.5 total points)
The buzz: Ohio State won the 2002 national title in football and has reached a championship game three other times – 2006 and 2007 in football plus 2007 in basketball.

3. Oklahoma (36.5 football, 13 basketball, 49.5 total points)
The buzz: Oklahoma has won one national football championship (2000), has lost in the BCS title game two other times (2003 and 2004) and has reached a Final Four (2002) during the BCS era.

4. USC (43 football, 5.5 basketball, 48.5 total points)
The buzz: USC's recent basketball success under Tim Floyd allowed the Trojans to qualify for this list, though they didn't have enough basketball points to crack our rankings of the top programs since 1974.

5. Texas (29.5 football, 15.5 basketball, 45 total points)
The buzz: The Longhorns won the 2005 national football title and reached a Final Four in 2003.

6. LSU (34.5 football, 8 basketball, 42.5 total points)
The buzz: LSU has won two BCS national titles (2003 and '07) and got enough points from its 2006 Final Four run to qualify for this list.

7. Michigan State (5 football, 30.5 basketball, 35.5 total points)
The buzz: Michigan State's No. 7 finish in the 1999 AP football poll gave the Spartans enough football points to crack these rankings.

8. (tie) Tennessee (24.5 football, 6.5 basketball, 31 total points)
The buzz: Tennessee won the first BCS national title in 1998 and also earned enough basketball points to qualify because of the program's resurgence under Bruce Pearl.

8. (tie) Wisconsin (16.5 football, 14.5 basketball, 31 total points)
The buzz: Louisville was the only team on this list with a similar balance of football and basketball points.

10. Maryland (6.5 football, 22 basketball, 28.5 total points)
The buzz: The Terps won the 2002 NCAA Tournament and finished in the top 16 in the football rankings in 2001 and 2002.

11. Kansas (4.5 football, 23 baskeball, 27.5 total points)
The buzz
: Kansas' Cinderella run to the Orange Bowl title this year gave the Jayhawks enough football points to qualify for this list.

12. UCLA (7.5 football, 19 basketball, 26.5 total points)
The buzz: UCLA finished No. 8 in the AP football rankings in 1998, placed second in the 2006 NCAA Tournament and also reached the Final Four last season.

13. Arizona (5 football, 18.5 basketball, 23.5 total points)
The buzz: Arizona's fourth-place finish in the 1998 AP poll gave the Wildcats enough football points to qualify, even though they haven't earned a bowl bid since.

14. Oregon (14 football, 7 basketball, 21 total points)
The buzz: Oregon finished second in the nation in football in 2001 and made the regional finals of the 2002 and 2007 NCAA tournaments.

15. Syracuse (4 football, 16.5 basketball, 20.5 total points)
The buzz: The 2003 NCAA Tournament champions slipped into the rankings by achieving the minimum number of football points to qualify.

16. Auburn (15 football, 5 basketball, 20 total points)
The buzz: Auburn finished second in the AP football poll in 2004 and has reached the Sweet 16 twice (1999 and 2003) in the BCS era.

17. Louisville (10 football, 8.5 basketball, 18.5 total points)
The buzz
: Louisville capped the 2006 football season with an Orange Bowl title and reached the Final Four in 2005.

18. Alabama (11.5 football, 6 basketball, 17.5 total points)
The buzz: Alabama has finished 11th or better in the AP poll three times (1999, 2002 and 2005) and reached an NCAA Tournament regional final in 2004.

19. (tie) Oklahoma State (4 football, 13 basketball, 17 total points)
The buzz: The Cowboys reached the 2004 Final Four, advanced to a regional final in 2000 and earned just enough football points to qualify for the rankings.

19. (tie) Georgia Tech (8 football, 9 basketball, 17 total points)
The buzz: Georgia Tech finished second in the 2004 NCAA Tournament and has played in a bowl game each season since the BCS was introduced.

22. (tie) Boston College (9.5 football, 6.5 basketball 16 total points)
The buzz: The Eagles have earned eight consecutive bowl bids and have reached the NCAA Tournament six of the past seven seasons.

22. (tie) West Virginia (11 football, 5 basketball, 16 total points)
The buzz: The Mountaineers have earned three consecutive top-10 finishes in the AP football poll, reached a regional final in 2005 and advanced to the Sweet 16 in 2006.

24. Iowa (11 football, 4 basketball, 15 total points)
The buzz
: Iowa had three consecutive eighth-place finishes in the AP poll from 2002-04 and had just enough basketball points to make the list.

25. Purdue (7.5 football, 7 basketball, 14.5 total points)
The buzz: The Boilermakers reached the Sweet 16 in 1999, advanced to the regional finals in 2000 and have earned bowl bids during all but one season of the BCS era.

Other schools with enough points in each sport to qualify
Missouri (8 football, 6 basketball, 14 total points), Cincinnati (4.5 football, 7.5 basketball, 12 total points), Washington (7 football, 5 basketball, 12 total points), North Carolina State (6 football, 5.5 basketball, 11.5 total points), Texas Tech (7 football, 4 basketball, 11 total points), Notre Dame (6 football, 4.5 basketball, 10.5 total points).
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So what were your thoughts on this movie, I thought it was pretty cool I mean I wasn't expecting much but it was entertaining.  I thought they tried a little too much on the dialogue, aka it was lame.  I thought the monster was pretty weak, I thought the character behavior was weak.  I don't want to go into much detail because I don't want to spoil anything.  I do have one thing to say though, I want that camera, obviously a huge SD card, holds up 2 hours of video, the batter lasts for a long time too.  The camera also survives a helicopter crash, maybe a good 60 ft drop from the mouth of the monster, being dropped all the time, it also had nightvision.  Go see it, it is entertaining for 6 bucks, worth it.  Also if you can stand the 12 minutes of previews there is a little audio clip at the end.

Next movie on the list: Hannah Montana Concert in 3D
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CBS Sportsline RPI

As of Friday January 18

Rank       School                                                
1.             Tennessee              
2.             North Carolina            
3.             Memphis                      
4.             Pittsburgh                      
5.             UCLA                             
6.             Michigan State               
7.             Kansas                           
8.             Duke
9.             Dayton
10.           Mississippi
11.           St. Mary's
12.           Texas
13.           Vanderbilt
14.           Arizona
15.           Xavier
16.           Wisconsin
17.           Washington State
18.           Rhode Island
19.           Massachusetts
20.           Butler
21.           Georgetown
22.           Ohio State
23.           Drake
24.           Indiana
25.           Marquette


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Posted on: January 17, 2008 10:49 am 2008 Preseason College Football Top 25

Here is Preseason Top 25....

1. Ohio State
2007 Record: 11-2

SEC fans will go ballistic at the notion, and America might let out a collective groan at the thought of OSU in another national title game, but with all the returning talent, this really should be 2008's best team. Remember, 2007 was supposed to be a rebuilding year and a stepping-stone to this season. Getting to the national championship was unexpected gravy. Shock of shocks, most of the stars decided to come back for one more year with DE Vernon Gholston the only early defector.

The Buckeyes don't have the speed or athleticism of the top teams, right? The NFL certainly doesn't think so with at least 11 starters, not including both kickers, who'll be drafted with five, LB James Laurinaitis, LB Marcus Freeman, CB Malcolm Jenkins, RB Beanie Wells, and OT Alex Boone, who'd be starting on day one of the 2008 NFL season.

A national punching bag after two straight blowout losses in BCS Championships, the Buckeyes will be good enough to get another shot with almost everyone of note returning on offense including QB Todd Boeckman and top receivers Brian Hartline and Brian Robiskie. The defense might lose Gholston and LB Larry Grant, but nine starters are back. PK Ryan Pretorius and P A.J. Trapasso form one of the nation's best kicking duos.

2. Georgia
  2007 Record: 11-2
The expectations are off the charts after a seven-game winning streak ended 2007 and with almost all the top players coming back on both sides of the ball. The receiving corps could use an overall upgrade, and strong safety Kelin Johnson and end Marcus Howard will be missed, but that's nitpicking. The only other concern is the lack of a safety net behind Knowshon Moreno in the backfield, and Matthew Stafford has to become the NFL caliber quarterback he's expected to be, but this is a true national title contender from day one.

3. Oklahoma  2007 Record: 11-3
This is a national title-caliber team if the offensive line plays up to its talent-level. With OG Duke Robinson, OT Phil Loadholt and the rest of the starters back, this should be the nation's best front five to give QB Sam Bradford and RBs DeMarco Murray and Chris Brown time and room to work. WR Malcolm Kelly is gone, but Juaquin Iglesias was the team's best receiver over the course of 2007. Big 12 Defensive Player of the Year Curtis Lofton and CB Reggie Smith left early, and some other big voids need to be filled in the secondary, but this should still be one of the league's best defenses.

4. Florida  2007 Record: 9-4
2006 might have been Urban Meyer coaching Ron Zook's team, 2007 might have been about restocking the shelves, and now 2008 will be all about Meyer's program getting back to a national title level. Top receiver Andre Caldwell is gone, two starters have to be replaced on the offensive line, and pass rushing star Derrick Harvey and strong safety Tony Joiner have to be replaced. That's about it. The running game will be better with USC transfer Emmanuel Moody expected to rock and roll right away, while Tim Tebow and Percy Harvin might just be the two best offensive players in America.

5. USC  2007 Record: 11-2
Because of the brand name and the way the 2007 season ended, the Trojans will be in everyone's top three, if not number one. However, there are issues. The jury is still out on a receiving corps that underperformed, Mark Sanchez and/or Mitch Mustain has to prove worthy of running the show, three starters have to be replaced on the O line, and a few key parts are gone off the killer defense. Of course, this is USC, it reloads, but this isn't nearly as good a team as the one going into last year.

6. LSU  2007 Record: 12-2
Alright Les, it's all your program now. With a national title and three years at the helm, Miles has to replace several key players on his "damn good football team" along with defensive coordinator Bo Pelini. Ricky Jean-Francois needs to be the new star on the D line and Tyson Jackson has to play up to his pro potential, while defensive back seven has to replace outside linebackers Ali Highsmith and Luke Sanders along with safety Craig Steltz and corner Chevis Jackson. The offense loses WR Early Doucet, steady QB Matt Flynn, and bruising RB Jacob Hester. Even though another national title will be a lot to ask for, the attack should keep rolling with Ryan Perrilloux at quarterback behind a great line.

7. Wisconsin  2007 Record: 9-4
If everyone can stay healthy, unlike 2007, the Badgers should be special. P.J. Hill, Lance Smith and Zach Brown form one of the nation's best trio of running backs working behind a loaded line with four starters returning. Former Kansas State transfer Allan Evridge has to establish himself at quarterback right away, but getting TE Travis Beckum back will help. CB Jack Ikegwuonu took off early for the NFL, but the D is loaded, especially at linebacker. The graduation of PK Taylor Mehlhaff and P Ken DeBauche will hurt.

8. Missouri  2007 Record: 12-2
The Tigers are loaded. TE Chase Coffman returning for his senior season was a big step to give Heisman finalist Chase Daniel a star security blanket to go to. Finding a running back to replace Tony Temple will be the biggest issue, but Derrick Washington is a big-time prospect and there are enough playmakers, and enough experience on the line, to expect another strong season. DT Lorenzo Williams is gone, but nine starters are back to go along with PK Jeff Wolfert.

9. West Virginia  2007 Record: 12-2
Call this a wait-and-see ranking considering the new coaching staff and some key losses. Bill Stewart loses Steve Slaton and Darius Reynaud early to the NFL, but that would've happened if Rich Rodriguez was still around. QB Pat White and WR/RB Noel Devine will be the stars of the attack working behind a fantastic O line with all five starters returning including OT Ryan Stanchek. The defense has to make some major replacements with Keilen Dykes and Johnny Dingle gone off the line along with four starters in the five man secondary, including SS Eric Wicks and FS Ryan Mundy.

10. Texas Tech  2007 Record: 9-4
Oh ... my ... goodness. Texas Tech had the nation's No. 1 passing offense and was No. 2 in total offense ,and now everyone is back but WR Danny Amendola. WR Michael Crabtree, QB Graham Harrell, all five starting offensive linemen, along with their backups ... everyone. LB Paul Williams and CB Chris Parker, who are all replaceable, are two of the three losses off the defense. The other, SS Joe Garcia, will hurt. The team's biggest hole loss, other than Amendola and Garcia, is clutch PK Alex Trlica.

11. Penn State  2007 Record: 9-4
The receiving corps should be fantastic with Derrick Williams, Deon Butler and Jordan Norwood back, but who's going to throw him the ball? Daryll Clark will have the inside track, adding more running to the mix, but Pat Devlin will get a shot. Everyone is back on the O line and nine starters return on defense losing LB Dan Connor along with CB Justin King, who left early for the NFL.

12. Tennessee   2007 Record: 10-4  
Offensive David Cutcliffe to Duke is the biggest loss with QB Erik Ainge not far behind. Jonathan Crompton and Nick Stephens will battle for the starting quarterback gig with a loaded backfield and a nasty offensive line to work with. All five starters return up front, all the receivers are back, and the secondary, even without Jonathan Hefney, should be fine. The much-maligned defensive front will be the biggest problem losing three starters on the line along with linebackers Ryan Karl and Jerod Mayo.

13. Kansas  2007 Record: 12-1
Can Kansas really be a preseason top five team? Even after a 12-1 season with an Orange Bowl victory, it still seems strange to think of KU as elite, but the team should be the real deal with QB Todd Reesing leading a loaded offense, even with the loss of OT Anthony Collins, WR Marcus Henry and RB Brandon McAnderson. DT James McClinton is done and CB Aqib Talib left early, but the other nine starters are back. Both kickers need to be replaced.

14. Auburn  2007 Record: 9-4 
Will the Tony Franklin offense be ready to fly right away? Is Kody Burns ready to be the spread quarterback to jump-start the attack? The running game should be tremendous with all five starters on the O line back along with top running backs, Brad Lester, Ben Tate and Mario Fannin. The defensive line needs three new starters to go around Sen'Derrick Marks, but six of the starters are back in the back seven.

15. Texas  2007 Record: 10-3
Was the Holiday Bowl the spark for a big 2008? QB Colt McCoy leads a strong offense that should be fine even with RB Jamaal Charles and TE Jermichael Finley bolting early. The O line was a big problem, but for good or bad, all the starters return. Defense is a big issue losing tackles Frank Okam and Derek Lokey along with five starters in the back seven. New coordinator Will Muschamp should change things in a big hurry.

16. Oregon  2007 Record: 9-4 
The silver lining in the loss of Dennis Dixon late in the year was the experience Justin Roper got. He'll battle with Cody Kempt for the starting job with the winner getting a fantastic receiving corps to work with, led by Jaison Williams, but RB Jonathan Stewart is gone. C Max Unger leads a tremendous offensive line, while pass rushing terror Nick Reed should grow into a superstar. The defensive tackles are gone and there are some holes to fill at linebacker, but the defense should be better.

17. Virginia Tech  2007 Record: 11-3
The defending ACC champions should be take a step back unless the defensive line and receiving corps can reload. This is a running team and anyone who gets the ball will produce behind a good line with four starters returning. Will the offense continue with the two-headed quarterback attack of Sean Glennon and Tyrod Taylor, or will Taylor take over? Taylor and his running skills might be needed with Branden Ore gone early. Along with issues on the line, the D loses corner Brandon Flowers, and most painfully, the linebacking tandem of Vince Hall and Xavier Adibi.

18. Illinois  2007 Record: 9-4
The loss of Big Ten Player of the Year Rashard Mendenhall will set the running game back a bit, but the biggest issue is up the middle on defense with DT Chris Norwell, LB J Leman and safeties Kevin Mitchell and Justin Harrison gone. The top-shelf recruiting classes under Ron Zook should kick in full force on both sides of the ball and now the expectations will be there.

19. Boston College
  2007 Record: 12-2
Don't expect a major drop-off even with the loss of three offensive linemen, QB Matt Ryan and RB Andre Callender and L.V. Whitworth. Why? Defense. Eight starters are back, and while losing FS Jamie Silva and DE Nick Larkin will be felt, this should still be one of the ACC's best Ds.

20. Clemson
  2007 Record: 9-4
It's all up to the offensive line that only gets back one starter, C Thomas Austin. QB Cullen Harper is an ultra-accurate passer who gets top targets Aaron Kelly and Tyler Grisham back to light up the ACC, but the real star should be RB C.J. Spiller with James Davis jetting early for the NFL. It would've been nice if DE Phillip Merling returned for his senior year, but as is, eight starters return including everyone in the secondary.

21. Michigan
  2007 Record: 9-4
Expect a step back to take a big leap forward, at least offensively. There could've been one of the nation's best passing games with Ryan Mallett throwing to Mario Manningham and Adrian Arrington, but they all took off. Who's the quarterback? Georgia Tech transfer Steven Threet? He's a passer, but Rich Rodriguez will want a dual-threat playmaker meaning Terrelle Pryor, the nation's top recruit, could be coming to Ann Arbor, or Carlos Brown could step in from the running back corps. The defense takes a big hit, but DT Terrance Taylor should be a strong anchor to build around.

22. BYU  2007 Record: 11-2
Looking for your early sleeper for an at-large BCS spot? BYU gets everyone back on offense but C Sete Aulai and WR Matt Allen. QB Max Hall and the running tandem of Harvey Unga and Fui Vakapuna will have to put up plenty of points early on with three starters gone out of the secondary along with three of the four starting linebackers, but pass rushing star Jan Jorgensen is back.

23. South Carolina  2007 Record: 6-6  
The SEC East might be loaded, but anything less than being in the hunt for the division title until the end will be unacceptable. The time is now for Steve Spurrier to actually do something with the program. QB Chris Smelley, WR Kenny McKinley, and RB Mike Davis form a nice nucleus, four starters return to the offensive line, and outside of the Brinkley brothers, everyone is back on defense.

24. Alabama  2007 Record: 7-6  
Nick Saban's first season was supposed to be about building towards the future, and now the future has to be now. The offensive line has the potential to be the best in the SEC, while all the top running backs, and QB John Parker Wilson, return in the backfield. The receiving corps has to replace D.J. Hall and Matt Caddell, while the defense has to find replacement for end Wallace Gilberry, two linebackers and top CB Simeon Castille.

25. Wake Forest  2007 Record: 9-4
Can Jim Grobe come up with a third straight strong season? Absolutely. QB Riley Skinner and RB Josh Adams are back to ease the loss of pass-catching machine Kenneth Moore, and only two starters are gone off the line. The defense gets back star CB Alphonso Smith and the linebacking tandem of Aaron Curry and Stanley Arnoux, but the line has to replace three starters. P/PK Sam Swank is back for what seems like his 19th year in a Demon Deacon uniform.

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Tennessee vs. Vanderbilt

I can't wait for this game on Thurday night, watch the game if you can't go it will be on ESPN.  This is turning into a big rivalry game, Thompson Boling Arena is sold out as the Vols look to extend there 25 home game win streak.  GO VOLS!!!  If you can go be there......I will!!!
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